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    Ishika Jain Former Patient, Mumbai, India

    It is strange how being Dr Dugar’s patient, I feel the prettiest with my surgical nose and also the prettiest looking back at the photos before my surgery. He is not just a doctor to me, but a therapist in ways that are unimaginable. Is there really a difference between someone telling you “you don’t look pretty” and going to a plastic surgeon and hearing all the things that they can do to improve your attractiveness? Imagine going to a celebrity plastic surgeon who has an encyclopaedia of experiences, hearing him say every little thing that makes you beautiful and rejecting you for surgery because the expert himself believes in your beauty. Be-YOU-tiful feels like I am in a deep conversation with Dr Dugar himself, unlocking every reason why I am so compelled to follow beauty standards to be considered “beautiful. Ishika Jain, Former Patient, Mumbai, India

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