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    Be-YOU-tiful is an insightful and positive approach to helping individuals really understand that beauty is defined by self confidence and focusing on your own inner worth. As a Psychologist, it is nice to know that Dr. Dugar consults with potential patients focusing on positive features versus pushing for cosmetic procedures. His goal is to assess the reason for a change in appearance and sometimes the end result is not pursuing cosmetic surgery, rather addressing body image issues through mental health support. Reena B. Patel, Parenting Expert, Psychologist & Author

    Reena Patel Psychologist, Parenting Expert, and Author

    What Deepak Dugar reveals in this enlightening and shocking book can absolutely transform your self-image. No matter your gender, age, or culture, this book is empowering and makes you aware of unrealistic beauty standards and how they can affect you. It’s a powerful message that all of us should hear! - Kenta Seki, Celebrity Fitness Trainer

    Kenta Seki Celebrity Fitness Trainer

    I wish I had read Deepak Dugar’s Be-YOU-tiful earlier! I even wish I could go back in time with this book and read it to my younger self!!! I spent almost 12 years modeling in the fashion industry and never did a day go by where other people's judgments and perceptions of me not be voiced; whether about how to change my face or why my body wasn’t perfect. It led to years of looking at myself with a skewed perception of what beauty really meant. I look back on old photos myself and wish I wasn’t so hard on that girl trying to be what everyone was telling her she had to be in order to “make it” because she WAS and still IS beautiful. I am grateful for Deepak's powerful words and insight, captivating, enlightening, and empowering perspective on beauty and the opportunity to be able to accept his insight and use it while appreciating who I am and see how far I’ve come in my self-acceptance. I will be passing this knowledge on to my children in hopes of creating a world that reflects their beauty rather than society's morbid rendition. Deepak just gets it, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the way in which Be-YOU-tiful has changed my self image for the better. - Nina Marie Danielle, Actress, Comedian, Social Medial Influencer

    Nina Marie Danielle Actress, Comedian, Social Medial Influencer

    It is strange how being Dr Dugar’s patient, I feel the prettiest with my surgical nose and also the prettiest looking back at the photos before my surgery. He is not just a doctor to me, but a therapist in ways that are unimaginable. Is there really a difference between someone telling you “you don’t look pretty” and going to a plastic surgeon and hearing all the things that they can do to improve your attractiveness? Imagine going to a celebrity plastic surgeon who has an encyclopaedia of experiences, hearing him say every little thing that makes you beautiful and rejecting you for surgery because the expert himself believes in your beauty. Be-YOU-tiful feels like I am in a deep conversation with Dr Dugar himself, unlocking every reason why I am so compelled to follow beauty standards to be considered “beautiful. Ishika Jain, Former Patient, Mumbai, India

    Ishika Jain Former Patient, Mumbai, India

    When a highly sought-after Beverly Hills plastic surgeon uses frank and honest conversation more than he uses his scalpel to help patients see their true beauty, it’s worth taking notice! With compelling data and colorful stories, Dr. Dugar takes us behind the curtain to expose how culture, advertising, media, and even the people we choose to spend our time with influence us about what is beautiful. -Shelby Howard, BSN, Registered Aesthetic Nurse Injector

    Shelby Howard Cosmetic Nurse Injector

    Be-YOU-tiful is an engaging and data-driven book packed with enlightening insights! It will challenge your perceptions of beauty by highlighting the ugly truth about the cosmetics, fashion, and diet industries and their harmful marketing practices. It will inspire you to love yourself and appreciate a natural approach to holistic beauty. As a professional in aesthetics, I respect and admire that Dr. Deepak Dugar can put his clients and their best interests ahead of his own. It's a wonderful read, and I highly recommend it! - Tulsi Shah Bhargava MSN, RN, AGNP

    Tulsi Shah Cosmetic Nurse Injector

    Dr. Dugar always reminds me how beautiful I am, advocating to NOT get surgery—not a typical plastic surgeon. I’m so glad this book gets to show the world his love for his patients and importance of self love. He is always helping bring out the best you while reinforcing your confidence! LouLou Gonzalez, Comedian, Actress, Writer

    Loulou Gonzalez Actress, Comedian

    The tricky thing about beauty is that it should be our right to choose how and what we do to our bodies. But, the scary thing is, we often don’t know how influenced our beauty choices really are. We’re living in a world of beauty peer pressure and pretending it’s our idea that we need a surgery, an injection or something to make ourselves more beautiful…and I include myself in that category. - Mia Khalifa, Model, Actress, Sports Commentator, Social Media Influencer

    Mia Khalifa Social Media Influencer, Model

    It takes courage for a celebrity plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills to say, “You don’t need surgery.” But that’s what Dr. Deepak Dugar does in Be-YOU-tiful: Flip the Script and Celebrate Your True Beauty. We’ve all carried the false narrative in our minds about the definition of true beauty and how we don’t measure up. Dr. Dugar has written an empowering message to free us from those outside voices and to quiet those inner voices. He helps us to flip the script and begin to appreciate our own real beauty. He assures us that even on our worst days, we indeed are Be-YOU-tiful! Stephanie Mahin, Ph.D., Public Relations Specialist

    Stephanie Mahin, PhD TV News Anchor, Journalism Professor

    I’ve always admired Dr. Deepak Dugar for his integrity and honesty, and those attributes shine brightly throughout his book, Be-YOU-tiful. I found it fascinating that Dr. Dugar turns more people away from surgery than those he actually operates on! What a fresh perspective from a celebrity Beverly Hills plastic surgeon! This book leaves a lasting impression, one that empowers readers to appreciate their beautiful uniqueness, not society’s warped view of how they are supposed to look. Leslie Marcus, Supervising Investigative Producer, The Doctors TV Show

    Leslie Marcus Senior Producer, Investigative Journalist, The Doctors TV Show

    Dr. Deepak Dugar uncovers the truth that your beauty perceptions are shaped by advertising, social media, and the perceptions of people around us, and empowers you to filter those toxic inputs with a grateful mindset so you can accept and love yourself as you truly are: a beautiful human.” - Tony Robbins, New York Times #1 Best selling author of Unshakeable.

    Tony Robbins New York Times #1 Best selling author of Unshakeable

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